How to choose crepe maker

The art of baking pancakes has been known for several centuries. Our distant ancestors baked pancakes as ruddy as the sun in ovens, which used a heavy cast-iron pan. Modern Housewives manufacturers of household appliances have tried to simplify the process of cooking. The electric pancake maker is a simple and safe device that helps you bake great pancakes.

What is good about an electric pancake maker

Not all Housewives manage to bake pancakes in a pan on a gas stove, and this process is long and tedious. There are advantages to using a special device. The obvious advantage is a significant reduction in cooking time. The electric pancake maker heats up in a matter of minutes. Fast and uniform frying of the pancake surface is provided.

Many models are equipped with a temperature controller. You can bake both soft, slightly browned pancakes for children, and pancakes that are more toasty, with a crispy crust. Non-stick coating of the working surface of the electric appliance allows you to bake pancakes without using oil, which is beneficial for health. Fry pancakes on a pancake maker can be both in the home kitchen and in the country, there would be electricity. The mobility of this compact device is another undeniable advantage.

What pancakes are on sale

The range of electric assistants for baking pancakes in stores is diverse. There is a professional technique, characterized by good performance and the appropriate price, and less expensive devices for use in everyday life. All the variety of pancake machines can be divided into 4 groups according to certain characteristics.

Device with a flat open frying surface
This form factor is suitable for fans of classic Russian pancakes. The baking surface of the non-stick baking device is shaped like a pancake pan. The heating elements are located at the bottom: this ensures the optimal temperature for baking pancakes. There are some nuances of use:

the user needs to be able to distribute the dough evenly using a wooden spatula;
the brazier does not have a limiting Board, so the dough should be poured carefully so that it does not spill on the device;
to bake pancakes on both sides, turn them over with a spatula.

Closed type pancake maker

The device looks like a waffle iron. The dough is poured on the lower surface and covered with the upper flap. The model is interesting because the pancake is baked simultaneously on both sides. In this case, you should try to pour the dough without excess, so that it does not spread over the body when closing the upper flap. And an insufficient amount of poured dough is fraught with getting a pancake of a non-standard round shape.

Apparatus with round notches on the frying surface

Models of this type are equipped with round recesses (from 1 to 4), where the dough is poured for baking pancakes. There are models designed for 6 pancakes. It is convenient to use a household appliance, because the dough is delayed by the sides of the form. You can simultaneously bake several pieces of ruddy”sun”.

The devices are equipped with a temperature controller to make it convenient to monitor the baking process.

The number of recesses on the surface of the device depends on the diameter of the baked pancakes: the more recesses, the smaller the size, and Vice versa.

Non-standard version of the device
Sometimes there are devices of a different design on sale — this is the so-called submersible model. The device is equipped with a convenient handle, looks like a frying pan, but the surface for baking pancakes is convex. The heated “convex” pan is immersed for a few seconds in the dough, which sticks to it. Next, the device is removed, placed on a stand, and the pancake is baked.

The heating element of the device is powered by a stand with a cord, like an electric kettle. Therefore, in the description, such an electrical device is sometimes described as a”wireless model”.

It is noteworthy that the thinnest pancake is baked just on a pancake dip type.

Criteria for choosing a pancake house
When deciding which device to buy for baking pancakes, it is recommended to take into account the appetites of the household and the availability of free space for placing the device. It is not superfluous to read user reviews, watch video reviews of experts. Based on the existing ideas, you can start choosing. What type of pancake is best suited for your kitchen is a matter of family preferences.

You can buy a device with removable panels – this will allow you to diversify the baking form, which is important for families with children.

To choose the right pancake helper, you should pay attention to the following technical characteristics of the device.

The presence of a non-stick coating on the working panel will make it easier to work with the dough and care for the device after cooking pancakes.
It is convenient when the device is equipped with a function for controlling the heating temperature (timer and indicator), and there is also a toggle switch/off button.
The baking speed and power consumption are determined by an indicator such as the power of the device. For a household pancake maker, the optimal level is 800-1200 W.
For comfortable and safe operation, it is important that the unit has a body that is not subject to overheating, reliable legs and handles made of heat-insulating material, and a compartment for storing the electric cord.
It is good when complete with a pancake bowl there is a serving ladle and recipes for making dough.

Top 5 best crepe makers

Proctor Silex 38400 Electric Crepe Maker, 13 Inch Griddle & Spatula

Moss & Stone 8″ Electric Crepe Maker I Pan Style I Hot Plate Cooktop I ON/OFF Switch I Nonstick Coating I Automatic Temperature Control I Easy to use I Pancakes, Blintz, Chapati, Tortillas

Elite Cuisine ECP-126 Electric Crepe Maker and Non-stick Griddle with Spreader, Spatula and Recipes, 12″, Black

Electric Crepe Maker, iSiLER Nonstick Electric Pancakes Maker Griddle, 12 inches Electric Crepe Pan with Batter Spreader and Wooden Spatula, Precise Temperature Control for Roti, Tortilla, Eggs, BBQ

Nonstick 12-Inch Electric Crepe Maker – Aluminum Griddle Hot Plate Cooktop with Adjustable Temperature Control and LED Indicator Light, Includes Wooden Spatula and Batter Spreader – NutriChef

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