How to choose a grill

Types of electric grills

The very name suggests that it turns out at the output-the products are well fried, with a crispy aromatic crust. The design of electric grills means cooking dishes without oil and water, as if you are using a roaster on an open fire.

Raclette grill

It uses different types of cheese for melting and prepares a wide variety of dishes. In addition to roasting meat in rakitnitsa can be cooked quickly Julien, omelettes, hot sandwiches for Breakfast, roast sausage or vegetables.

The raclette consists of two levels. The upper one is used for roasting, and the lower one is used for melting cheeses or preparing portioned dishes.

The design features allow you to simultaneously melt cheese and fry the base for it, such as potatoes or slices of bread.

The heating element is located directly below the lower tier. The base of the upper part can be made of metal or natural stone, the structure is smooth or corrugated, removable and stationary. For cooking some dishes, different trays may be present in the set — smooth or with recesses.

Special pans are placed at the bottom, which can be from 2 to 8 pieces-it all depends on the size of the device. Wooden spatulas are sometimes attached to the pans for dredging processed cheese.

An interesting device-raclette fondue. In this device it is possible not only to bake, to fry and melt, but also to prepare the fondue for a few people. This device will be a great gift for any special occasion.


This electrical device looks a little different. First of all, it is a single-level device with or without a cover.

I must say that there are two types of grills — contact and contactless. In the first case, the electric heating element is not covered by anything, and the products are placed on the grid. But such devices are quite inconvenient when used in a normal home kitchen, as they produce a lot of heat and soot. They are mainly purchased for outdoor barbecues. Some have spacious covers and legs for easy installation, while others look like a simple grille and a tubular heating element with a pallet. The latter have a nice low cost and light weight.

Contact grills are the most common designs. They consist of tubular heating elements covered with a work surface. It is on it that cooking takes place. Contact models of grills are divided into:

1. Single-sided-in this case, the tubular heating element is located only on one side of the device. Usually this device is without a lid, that is, frying occurs in an open way. It is this modification that makes raclette and grills related.

2. Double-sided-both halves are working. Cooking products is done in a closed way by clamping products between two work surfaces.

3. Combined-it combines the features of the two previous models, that is, you can cook both open and closed method, using the lid.

The disadvantage of the first model is that during cooking, fat can be sprayed, and the heat spreads throughout the room. The second type of grill is much more convenient, in addition, the products do not need to be turned over — they are already fried evenly. The third type is undoubtedly good, but has a higher cost, and often an impressive size.



Probably, it is superfluous to say that the power of this device is the key not only to the speed of cooking, but also to the quality of the final product. In the market you can find grills, raclette and ranges from 650 to 2400 watts.

The grill is a high-temperature mode in any kitchen devices, because low-power devices will not be able to fry a large piece of meat or fish well. The speed of cooking depends on this indicator, since a device with a small power value, instead of roasting the product, will cook it or stew it. The formation of the crust will take much longer, and as a result, its appearance is unlikely to be liked.

But low-power devices also have their advantages, and buying a grill with a small (less than 1000 W) indicator is justified. This grill is useful for fans of fried sausages, Shawarma, hot sandwiches. They are easy to make Lula kebab or cutlets, if there is a suitable baking sheet.

Those who buy a grill for cooking meat dishes, value their time and want to get the best result, should buy a device with a power of 1800 watts.

Heating element

Cooking in the grill is done using a conventional metal tube heating element or using a halogen lamp — infrared heating. The latter save electricity, prepare and heat products, and roast meat in a shorter time. But they also have a drawback — they are more fragile and serve on average less than their usual metal counterpart.

Infrared heating elements are most often used in the upper part of the lid in order to reduce the amount of hot juice and splashes of fat on fragile glass tubes.

The location of the heating element shows which side and how the main heat flow to the prepared product occurs. There is an arrangement at the top or bottom. These are closing devices in the form of a press or combined with a working cover.

The location of the bottom is characteristic of Rakitic and contact grills. The position only on top is typical for portable dimensional devices with legs and cover. In the latter case, the halogen lamp copes perfectly with frying and Browning.

Tubular heating element in the middle, and found Rakitic, and small models of the open grill.

Not all devices support the temperature control function. But it helps to control the power of the heating element and set the duration of cooking.

Many devices have the option of auto-disconnecting. Well, if it is combined with the function of protection against overheating and surge protection, then you can definitely not be afraid that your device will burn and cause trouble in the kitchen.

The size of the device

All electric grills and racletnits are considered compact devices that will fit in the kitchen and will not interfere with other processes. Many of them have really small dimensions — 16 cm wide and 7.4 cm in height. The depth and surface area indicator determines how many products you can cook in the grill at a time. For example, the area of the working surface of the device can be from 215 to 7084 cm2. Before buying, you should evaluate your culinary preferences and choose the most appropriate size. If you have a large family, then a small device will not seem roomy, but even with infrequent cooking for one or two people, it is not advisable to buy a large grill.

Additional feature

The body of the grill

It is clear that since the device is high-temperature, the case material matters. First, frequent heating results in natural depreciation of the material over time. Secondly, the internal heat is transmitted to the outer shell, so it is important that it is heated as little as possible.

Grills are made of:

1. Metal is the most preferred material for the home, as it is less susceptible to shocks, chips and scratches, but it heats up quite strongly.

2. Natural grill stone can be partially made from this natural material. These are usually open models. The stone is good in all respects, except for the cost — it is slightly higher.

3. Thermoplastic is the most preferred material option if you focus on the thermal insulation of the device body.

Non-stick coating

This feature of the work surface will not only save you from constant monitoring of cooking and the fear that the dish will burn. Another important feature of non — stick grill models is the ease of cleaning. Since this device is subject to serious contamination, this is an important plus.

Support for removable panels

Many models have not one, but several types of work surfaces. Removable panels have a smooth, fluted appearance or special shapes for certain dishes. Convenience is also in the care of the device. It’s one thing if you remove the work surface and wash it separately from the entire structure, and quite another when you have to contrive and wash the entire grill at once.

Many devices have a tray for fat and juice. To say that this device is necessary, probably, will be superfluous. When frying meat, fish, poultry, a large amount of juice flows into the tray, which can be removable or built-in.


Lovers of dishes with melted cheese, omelets and juliennes should buy raclette. She and meat to fry, and the cheese will melt efficiently.

For a country house and frequent picnics in places where there is access to electricity, you can buy a grill with an open heating element.

Don’t like messing around with frying, and then washing the kitchen of fat and juice? Purchase a closed double-sided grill.

If there are small children in the house, take care of the thermally insulated housing of the device.

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