How to choose a toaster

If earlier toasters were intended only for toasting bread of a certain shape, now they can perform more functions. They prepare crackers, defrost rolls, warm up sandwiches. Let’s try to understand the variety of modern toasters that differ not only in appearance, but also in power, materials, type of control, functionality, and other parameters.

5 reasons to choose a toaster

The toaster is ideal for making crispy slices of bread for the following reasons:

In contrast to the oven does not need a long preheating;
Roasts bread on both sides at once, which a microwave oven and an aerogrill can’t do;
Does not generate microwave frequencies and does not emit combustion products Gorenje;
In many models, the correct temperature is automatically maintained, so the bread does not dry out and does not burn;
It does not require special skills from the user.

Types of toasters

Manual-involves the user’s participation in the cooking process. To stop the process or remove the bread, you need to turn the appropriate switches, while carefully monitoring the time, otherwise the toast will burn.

Semi-automatic – allows you to control the temperature and time. After the end of the set cooking time, the device sends a signal, but does not turn off on its own.

Automatic – minimize user participation. It is enough to put bread in the holes and press the “start” button. The toaster itself will fry the products to the desired state, turn off, throw out the finished dish and signal the end of the process.

Manual devices are cheaper than automatic ones. But the price of semi-automatic toasters in some cases may exceed the cost of fully automated devices due to the prestige of the brand and extended functionality.

Choosing a toaster

When purchasing a toaster, you should determine in advance what purposes it will be used for. So, the simplest manual device can cope with the preparation of ordinary toasts, but it is better to buy automatic devices to save time. The defrosting function will be a waste of money if you do not store bread in the refrigerator. You also need to determine the material, capacity, and other indicators.


As a rule, the toaster is a compact device, and the heating chamber is located almost close to the body. If the thermal insulation of the device leaves much to be desired, the external surface may become very hot. Therefore, you should carefully choose the material of the case or immediately choose a model with thermal insulation.

Plastic. This toaster is usually cheaper, lighter, easier to care for and can be made in different colors. However, when the device is turned on, an unpleasant smell may occur, which is not excluded even at the beginning of operation of branded models. But after a couple of times of use, it usually disappears.

Metal. The case looks quite reliable and solid, but requires more careful care. Finger marks remain on the glossy metal surface, so it is better to buy a toaster with a matte finish. The cost of metal toasters is usually higher than the price of plastic models of the same brand.

You should also pay attention to the materials that make up the internal parts of the device. Thus, the heating elements can be nichrome or quartz. The latter are more modern and expensive, since they roast the bread more evenly and faster. In the case of the heating chamber material, it is better to choose models with a non-stick or porcelain coating. This slightly increases the price of the device, but makes it much easier to care for it: it is easier to wash such a toaster.


Powerful appliances consume more electricity, but prepare toast in a short period of time. For most devices, this figure is from 600 to 1600 watts, although there are also devices with 2500 watts. Power practically does not affect the price: even the most expensive models can not exceed 1000 watts. This is due to the fact that high indicators are not required for roasting bread. The main thing is the presence of a thermostat that allows you to adjust the power, because it is important that the toast is not only well fried, but also not burnt. In good models, you can set the roasting intensity from 6 to 11 degrees. At low intensity, the products are usually heated, and at high intensity, the bread is fried and the muffin is baked.

When buying a powerful device, don’t worry about increasing your power consumption: toasts are prepared quickly and won’t cause huge electricity bills.

Compartments for toasts

Number of compartments. When choosing a toaster for your home, consider the size of your family. For 1-2 people, compact devices with two standard compartments or with one large compartment where you can simultaneously fry 2 toast at once are suitable. Families of 3-4 people should buy more expensive devices with two enlarged cameras or devices with 4 regular-sized compartments.

Thickness. You need to choose the device based on which pieces it is intended for: thin or thick. In expensive devices, the user can independently change the parameters depending on the thickness of the sliced bread.

Depth. On average, it is 12-14 cm. for cooking canapes or crackers, the extra-lift function will be useful: the lever for lifting toasts closer to the top of the compartment.

Type of control

The control of the toaster can be either mechanical or electronic. Adjustment using simple switches is reliable and durable, while buttons and touch switches are considered more convenient for consumers. Budget devices are regulated by simple levers, but expensive models can have both mechanical and electronic control. Some devices are equipped with displays that display the parameters set by the user, as well as information about errors and malfunctions.

Additional function

The price of the device is affected by the presence of additional functions and devices that make the process of making bread more comfortable.

Defrosting is important for families who prefer to store bread in the freezer of the refrigerator. If this function is available, the toast is first defrosted, and then the toast mode is automatically activated.

Position control (centering) – allows you to place the bread strictly in the center of the compartment, which ensures uniform roasting of toast from all sides.

Automatic raising-allows toasts to “jump out” of the roasting compartments after cooking.

Roasting on the one hand makes it possible to prepare sandwiches with a crispy bottom crust.

Drawing images – “burning” drawings on the surface of toast: emoticons, snowflakes, flowers and other images. For this purpose, plugs in the form of figures or inscriptions are installed on the heating elements. There are even exotic models that can depict portraits of people on toast. The feature increases the price of the device, but is liked by children and young people.

Stop button-allows the user to disable the device at any time.

Preheating-heats previously prepared bread without increasing the degree of roasting.

Automatic shutdown of heating-turns off the device if it falls or other problems. This feature increases the level of security and is relevant for families with small children and Pets.

Sound notification-notifies the user that the cooking process is complete.

Many toasters are additionally equipped with convenient handles, grids for heating rolls, croissants and sandwiches, as well as retractable trays for bread crumbs. The latter allow you to simplify cleaning, since crumbs do not fall out on the table and do not remain at the bottom of the household appliance. An extended cord with a storage compartment (up to 117 cm) allows you to install the device in any convenient place, and hide the extra centimeters of the cord securely, protecting it from breaks. For fans of the most technical devices, manufacturers regularly come up with new ones: sensors that determine the grade of bread and the size of the slice; ability to remember the selected mode of operation during the last use, etc.

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