What you can’t do without in the kitchen and what equipment you can refuse to buy

Our great-grandmothers, masterfully wielding only a knife, spoon and rolling pin in the kitchen, could only dream of miracle devices that could facilitate their daily work.

Today, the ranks of all kinds of kitchen assistants are so wide that it seems to live and enjoy, without making much effort. But the question remains where to store all these devices, and whether they are so necessary. Because many of them, if not absolutely useless, have a very controversial “coefficient of efficiency”.

As they say, how many people – so many opinions. Someone can not imagine their life without a waffle iron, and someone uses the oven exclusively for storing pots and pans.

So we tried to approach this issue as objectively as possible, so that everyone can easily understand what their kitchen will become a necessity, and without which it will only benefit.

To do this, we divided kitchen appliances into 5 groups in descending order of their utility, according to the majority.

Group 1. Most important

Oddly enough, but the most important attributes for the kitchen was not so much. Or more precisely, the undisputed leaders, without which the kitchen and the kitchen can not be called, only three.

The refrigerator is an indispensable unit, and most importantly, it has no analogues in its functionality. Hanging food outside the window is no longer an option, and the seasonality of the climate does not allow us to consider this method a reliable alternative to the refrigerator.

The hob or stove performs two tasks. On the one hand, it is an important component of the working space necessary for cooking, frying and other cooking. On the other hand, it is an integral symbol of the home, which allows you to understand that you are in the kitchen.

The oven copes with those tasks against which the surface is powerless, namely all kinds of baking and baking. But even despite the seemingly respectful status of this technique, some have recently been willing to abandon it in favor of some more universal device.

Group  2. Yes rather than no

Just the same universal devices, as well as the most commonly used in everyday life, formed the basis of this group. It includes devices whose popularity is off the scale. And, most importantly, all of them do not just occupy useful space, but are actively exploited. Although, however, many manage to live perfectly without them, without feeling disadvantaged.

Depending on the set of functions, the microwave oven can be used for heating, defrosting and quick cooking of certain products, or it can become a full-fledged replacement for the oven. Did you know that in a microwave oven with convection mode, you can even bake pies? Such a thing can be useful for both an experienced hostess and those who adhere to a semi-finished diet.

Multicooker allows you to significantly reduce the time spent in the kitchen. And the delayed start mode allows you to choose a specific time to complete the cooking process. By the way, you can cook everything in it, from pies to borsch, while the food turns out to be delicious and useful. For busy people, this thing can be very useful.

Electric kettle. It makes millions of families happy (especially in the morning) thanks to its high boiling speed and self-shut-off function. But still, there will be opponents. For example, some owners of gas stoves promoting economy.

Group  3. Conditional technique

This group of devices includes those devices that are purchased based on a particular need. As a rule, they are not bought thoughtlessly, the decision to buy them is long hatched and carefully planned.

A food processor is simply irreplaceable in the kitchen, according to those who cook often, a lot and using complex technological processes. Others prefer to do everything manually, rather than messing around with disassembling, assembling, washing, drying and storing this miracle.

Immersion blender + whisk – a mini-harvester with limited capabilities, but many Housewives have enough of it. Do you often cook soups, can’t get rid of lumps in the liquid dough, or do you have a small child at home who needs carefully ground food? Then you can’t do without an immersion blender.

An electric grinder is not the most necessary device. But those who doubt the quality of the purchased minced meat or like to pamper the household with homemade sausages, feel much calmer with it.

Kitchen scales have two types of fans: those who like to experiment with new recipes, and those for whom diet and weighing all products has become the meaning of life.

The steamer is considered a valuable asset by adherents of healthy nutrition and caring parents.

Dryer for vegetables and fruits. To find a place in the kitchen for this miracle of engineering, the main thing is to believe in the benefits of vitamins.

The bread maker is a faithful assistant for everyone who loves flavored bread and homemade cakes and is not lazy to resort to its help regularly. For others, this is a bulky, useless unit.

Juicer. As practice shows, it is actively used when it is portable and is always in sight. Otherwise, it is simply forgotten. Unless you suddenly need to make a strategic supply of juice for the winter.

Group 4. For the few

To get a device from this category and not regret your decision in the future, you need to be a true fan.

Chocolate maker, waffle maker, ice cream maker – this trio with one name can delight any child and even cause increased salivation in some adults. But is it worth spending a lot of money to please yourself 2-3 times a year, instead of at any time to buy a cherished yummy in the store.

Coffee grinder and coffee maker justify themselves only when they are in the kitchen of a real gourmet and connoisseur of natural coffee.

The pancake maker is often significantly overrated even by avid pancake lovers. In fact, it does not allow you to “adjust” the thickness of pancakes as skillfully as a regular pancake pan does.

The pasta maker or testcatalog. Perhaps someone has not even heard of such devices. But those who are familiar with the words “ravioli”, “fettuccine”, “tagliatelle”, “canelloni” and other Italian concepts not only from restaurant menus, will surely find them worthy use.

A brewery is a great way to treat yourself to real beer. But if you just like beer, and in unlimited quantities, this unit is not for you. For to languish in anticipation of 10 days before the end of the fermentation cycle can only thin fans of malt taste.

Group 5. Rarely used

And finally, let’s give an example of the most useless appliances in the kitchen, without which you can perfectly do.

Egg cooker. Perhaps this will not appeal to fans of the most delicious and tender steamed eggs. But most boil eggs in a pot.

Units use the toaster and sandwich maker daily. And most likely, these are those who bought these devices on their own, and now try to convince the whole world and themselves of the correctness of the decision.

Slicer, electric knife and electric opener, by and large , are three expensive ways to waste electricity. In addition, they are also unsafe. And although manufacturers are convinced of the opposite, those who have children are unlikely to risk checking the declared safety in practice.

The marinator, electric grill and aerogrill are intended rather to show off to guests unusual equipment, listen to enthusiastic exclamations and again hide away until the next sit-down at the table.

Rice cooker is a “slow cooker” of narrow specialization. If you are an ardent fan of rice in any variations-run to the store. But this device, invented in Japan and designed for Asian culture, is still hopelessly alien to the vast majority of people.

Fryer. Even fans of French fries and tempura dishes have long been convinced that this purchase is difficult to justify. Even if you distance yourself from the harm of deep-fried food, it’s easier to order your favorite dishes in a cafe a couple of times a month than to transfer oil and suffer from laundering fat at home. Believe me, more often than not, no one gets this thing out of the closet.


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